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Jam Nuts

Jam Nuts: Thin Hex Nuts
Jam nuts or thin hex jam nuts are used as a type of lock nut. The name refers to jamming the nut against another nut to lock them in place. We recommend tightening the jam nut against your work surface and then using a hex nut against it to lock it in place. A jam nut is also popular when working in a tight area such as an automobile. A nylon jam nut can be used by itself as a locking nut although once it is loosened it should be replaced. 
Hex Jam Nuts
Hex jam nuts are six sided and are about 2/3 the size of full size nut.
Our Thin Nut and Hex Jam Nut Selection Includes:
Grade 5 hex jam nuts with coarse or fine threads
Grade 2 nylon hex jam nuts with coarse or fine threads
Stainless steel hex jam nuts