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Carriage Bolts

Black Carriage Bolts
Black carriage bolts with a plain finish.

Carriage Head - Coach Bolts
A carriage head bolt or coach bolt has a rounded, dome or countersunk head with a square neck whick keeps the bolt from turning once it's been tightened into place. .

Grade 5 Carriage Bolts
Grade 5 carriage bolts commonly used in building, timber and flooring. A carriage bolt should be inserted into a pre-drilled hole and tightened with a nut.

Small to Long Carriage Bolts
We carry small to long sizes of carriage bolts ranging from 1 1/2 to 6 inch lengths.

Carriage bolt pictures are a general representation and not an actual picture of the product you will receive. Threads will vary according to the individual bolt sizes and dimensions. ISO standards for threads are: length is twice the diameter of the bolt plus ½ inch. If you are looking for fully threaded bolts please call direct at 800-872-5557.