Zinc Nuts Bolts and Fasteners

Zinc plated screws are available at NutsandBolts.com. In fact, we have over 13,000
products in our inventory. We maintain such a large selection for your convenience.
We’ve been in business over 20 years and we like to see to it that plumbers,
mechanics, handymen, repair technicians, and others get the high quality hardware
they want at a fair price.

Zinc Fasteners
Zinc coated or plated fasteners are a great way to prevent corrosion and resist
friction for a more consistent preload factor. What you have to be careful of is the
quality of the coating process. If not done properly, zinc plated fasteners
can suffer from a problem called embrittlement.

The insidious thing about embrittlement is that you can’t see it. Nonetheless, the
fastener becomes more prone to breakage as the preload of the threads becomes
weakened. You also want to make sure to stay away from phosphate or black oxide
coatings as these will actually create galvanic corrosion. For this reason, you want to
make sure you know who you are buying from to ensure the quality of plated
fasteners, and that you will be well advised should you have any questions. It’s not a
concern at NutsandBolts.com.

At NutsandBolts.com, we stand behind the quality of the products we sell. Whether
you are looking for metric, standard, stainless steel, or zinc, you’ll find what you need
at NutsandBolts.com. We have a great variety of nuts, bolts, washers, screws and
hardware assortments. We have thousands of items from which to choose. All are of
high quality and all are fairly priced.
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