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The Nut and Bolt Solution Series -

The Nut and Bolt Solution Series was produced to answer many of the common technical questions we receive on a day to day basis. Fastener terminology and applications can be confusing and frustrating. Ordering incorrect sizes or products can cost a company thousands of dollars in lost time, idol machinery and lost production.

Individuals can quickly find answers to common questions 24/7 without even picking up the phone. If you prefer to speak with one of our consultants we are always pleased to answer your fastener questions during our normal business hours. Hope you enjoy our educational video series.

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Individual Video Pages:
Video 1: Determining Bolt Grade and Head Markings
Video 2: Determining Nut Grades
Video 3: Determining Bolt Head Styles
Video 4: How to Measure Bolts
Video 5: Determining Thread Length
Video 6: Types of Coatings
Video 7: Gauges: Measuring Metric Cap Screws
Video 8: How to Measure a Cotter Pin
Video 9: How to Determine Thread Pitch
Video 10: What is the Grade of Stainless Steel

Our disclaimer: 24 years as a fastener distributor may make us knowledgeable and familiar with common fastener questions. It doesn't qualify us as technical experts. We will gladly refer you to the fastener industries "authorities" for your technical specifications. NFDA - The National Fasteners Distributors Association. IFI - Industrial Fasteners Institute. STAFDA - Specialty Tools and Fasteners Distributors Association.


If you would prefer to view the videos on Youtube, please go to - industrial storage cabinets and solutions