Torx Screws

Torx Screws
Torx screws and other fasteners are available for you at Our
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Torx Screws: Seamless Fastening
Torx screws are used in applications where a flat surface is involved. The head uses
an allen wrench type of socket, and can mostly be found for floorboard and furniture
construction where items must be held together flush with one another. The beauty
of this type of screw is that they can transmit much more torque per square inch than
a more common Phillips head screw. This reduces screw stripping, and is perfect for
applications where constant weight and stress is a factor, like with floors and furniture.

Because torx screws come in such a wide variety, it can be difficult to find what you
need. Currently, there are 25 different sizes of self tapping screws available, 26
thread forming screws, and 62 sizes of thread cutting screws, with more being
created all the time. This can be quite a chore to keep track of. Let us keep track of it
for you.

In your line of business, you may need a variety of products. Sometimes the job calls
for stainless steel hardware, other times you need metric or standard fasteners. We
have it all. If you need torx screws, or any of the hundreds of high quality fasteners
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