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Metric Screws
Metric screws are indispensable to a builder or technician using high quality
hardware. Whether you need metric, standard, or stainless steel screws or
fasteners, they are available en masse at We at NutsandBolts.
com pride ourselves on having everything you need available to you. That’s why
our inventory houses tens of thousands of products.

Wide Variety of Metric Screws

At, you’ll find a wide variety of metric screws, flat washers, hex
bolts, cap screws, hex nuts, flange nuts, flange bolts, and lock washers. In fact,
you’ll find all the fasteners you could want. We’ve been in business for over 20
years and we keep ourselves well-stocked, so you can find everything you need in
one place.

One Stop Shopping: Easy Shipping

Ordering from is easy. Log onto the website and browse our
inventory. We’ve made it simple to use and easy to navigate. Click on the
products you’re looking for. You’ll find detailed specs and a picture, so you can be
sure you’re getting exactly what you need. In case you have any questions, we
have friendly service representatives on hand to help. Sizes and types can be
hard to keep track of. You may know the kind of fastener you need just by looking
at it, but may not know the technical term for it. Not everyone knows that bolts with
a little washer skirt built onto it are flange bolts. We want to ensure that you get
exactly what you need.

In just a few clicks, you’ll have ordered your metric screws, standard screws, or
other quality hardware. It’s just that easy. You only need a minimum of $25 for an
online purchase. We understand that time is money, and no one wants to waste
either. That’s why once you’ve ordered, you’re done. We’ll ship your order to you
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