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Lock Washers
Lock washers are different from standard flat washers in their basic shape. The most
typical type, helical lock washers, are disconnected at a certain point, and one end is
raised higher then the other. The purpose of this is to allow the washer to essentially
act as a spring. When loosening stress is applied one way or the other, the two
disconnected parts of the lock washer serve to prevent slippage.

Lock Washers: Lock and Load
Lock washers are often typically comprised of aluminum, stainless steel, K-Monel,
bronze, phosphor bronze alloy, and carbon steel. Shape is also important. The
shape of a lock washer's cross section is slightly that of a trapezoid. This allows the
height of the disconnected section of the washer to be twice the thickness of the
washer cross section. This is important because the design helps further add to a
lock washer's ability to prevent the loosening of joined components.

The factor to be careful of with helical lock washers is to be sure to never apply too
much torque. If something is tightened too much, a lock washer will flatten out,
making it work the same as a flat washer. This defeats the purpose of using a lock
washer in the first place. Be careful when tightening with a helical lock washer. Make
sure the disconnected part of the washer still has one end raised above the other. If
high torque is essential, consider using a star or tooth lock washer instead of the
more common helical type.

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