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Lag Bolts
Lag bolts, often referred to as lag screws, are available in a variety of materials. You
may need zinc plated, hot dipped galvanized, silicon bronze, or stainless steel,
depending on your project and your preferences. No matter which material you
prefer, they are all available at Our inventory is vast, so you can
get the high quality materials you need.

Lag Bolts Guide
For those who may not be fully familiar with what a lag bolt is, it looks like a regular
bolt for the most part, but has a pointed rather than blunt tip. These are mostly used
in construction. Zinc plated lag bolts provide moderate protection against rust and
are better for indoor applications. Hot dipped galvanized bolts, on the other hand,
are much more resistant to corrosion and are good in both interior and exterior
situations, or even for homes near the ocean.

Silicon bronze lag bolts have a greater corrosive resistance and preload strength
than the more common brass bolts typically used. These are good for wooden boat
construction and restoration. Finally, stainless steel lag bolts are the most
expensive, but the strongest and most resistant to corrosion type of fastener you
can buy. The 18-8 type of stainless steel bolt is particularly high in quality.

Trust has been in business for 20 years and we pride ourselves on
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items in bulk for large projects and institutions, but also require low minimum orders
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to be flexible, but you do want your hardware fastening seller to be so that you can
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