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JIS is a bolt standard that is popular in the motorcycle world. JIS bolts are
characterized in ways that set them apart from other standards because of their size
and usage variations. Different designs in engine and machine parts have called for
differing standards worldwide. These standards are apparent in the bolts mechanics
use for automobiles and motorcycles.

JIS: An Eastern Standard
JIS stands for Japanese Industrial Standard. Because of their eastern origin, JIS bolts
are a type of metric bolt as opposed to the U.S. standard. JIS bolts reflect the
philosophies of design and manufacture many Japanese industries have become
world renowned for. With things getting smaller, so too do fastening standards need
to facilitate smaller parts.

The difference between JIS bolts and other metric bolts is the head size. Lighter,
more compact designs have necessitated the use of lighter, more compact fastening
accessories. Basically, ISO (International Standardization Organization and ANSI
(American National Standard) bolt standards use bigger heads than JIS types. Does
this make JIS types of bolts harder to find for Japanese motorcycles? Not if you know
where to look.

Finding What You Need
At NutsandBolts.com, we carry metric JIS flange bolts for your more compact
fastening needs. A flange bolt has a skirt, or flange to help widen its hold below the
smaller head and keep the bolt in place better. We also offer fast shipping and very
small minimum orders. If you are a motorcycle garage, you can’t live without us. We
have all the highly durable and reasonably priced fastening accessories you will ever
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