Grease Fittings
When talking about grease fittings, there are quite a few standards to take into
account. Thread forming fittings, tapered, drive type, button heads--the list goes on
and on. Keeping in mind the challenges associated with grease fittings is the first
step in choosing the right one. Having the right company on your side to provide you
with what you need is the next.

Grease Fittings: Greasing the Wheel
Most steel hydraulic fittings made today consist of top quality steel, and are case
hardened to resist wear and tear. The entry of dirt and other impurities can also be a
problem. A component called a surface ball check is used to keep these kinds of
impurities out of grease fittings. Zinc plating is also necessary to withstand corrosion.

Stainless steel grease fittings are preferred in harsher environments. A good grease
fitting will also have its springs heat treated to make sure they last a good, long time.
As with anything, quality and craftsmanship are the keys to success with all good
grease fittings. We at strongly believe in this philosophy, and sell
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