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The right fastener supplier can be hard to come by. Most hardware store sales
people don't generally know what they're talking about. If you have a question about
the right fastener for your particular project, the typical college aged part time
employee won't have the same kind of insight as a fastener supplier who has been in
the business for over 20 years. That's where we here at come in.

An Experienced and Knowledgeable Fastener Supplier has been in business since 1984. We also have excellent
customer service. Maybe you have simple questions about what types of fasteners to
use for a particular project. Maybe they are more complex, such as preload
calculations or SAE and metric strength ratings. We can help you with anything.

We sell fasteners in bulk to a wide variety of industries that have come to trust and
rely upon us over the years. Cities and towns use us for construction projects.
Mechanics and plumbers find us indispensable. We also supply fasteners for military
applications. But bulk isn't the only way we sell. We offer minimum orders for only
$25, so individuals shop from us all the time as well.

With any fastener supplier, you want someone who will stand behind the products he
or she sells. We guarantee the quality of our fasteners and will be happy to help in
any way we can. If you have a question or concern, we are always available to offer
assistance. Nuts and bolts are our business, and we are here to ensure the success
of your next construction, mechanical, or plumbing endeavor.
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