Electrical Connectors
Electrical connectors are essential parts of any automobile. With all the electrical
wiring and components that a car contains, having electrical connectors is the only
way to easily service these components. Electrical connectors act as junction points,
and can contain over 100 wires.

Electrical Connectors: Connecting the Dots
Today, a good electrical connector has to be completely sealed and resistant to
moisture and corrosion. An electrical connector consists of several delicate
components that need to stay protected. These components consist of the shell, the
pins and sockets, the pin retainer, and the seals.

The shell is a plastic housing where the wires and pins will be located. It has a locking
clip so that it can be opened and closed for service, and many grooves molded into it
to hold the various seals and other components that will be inserted into it. The pins
and sockets are where the wiring will plug in and act as the primary conductor for an
electrical connection. The pin retainer is a piece of plastic that is wedged into a
connector to make sure the pins and connectors can't come loose.

Finally, the seals consist of rubber components that are attached to the front and
back of electrical connectors that the wires are fed through. These exist to ensure
water does not get into the connector. The design of the electrical connector has
become a modular work of art. They are designed to provide a sealed, durable
connection, but are also fairly easy to disassemble for servicing. We sell only the
highest quality electrical connectors and other auto repair parts here at
NutsandBolts.com. Fasteners aren't our only specialty, after all. We are concerned
with every component that holds your car together, including the electrical system.
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