Drill Bits
We all know that drill bits are a necessary component in any construction
endeavor. We have all run into situations where the drill bits we were using didn’t
match up to the job. Wear and tear can cause some of the most frustrating
mishaps in construction. Quality is the key.

Drill Bits: Size and Construction
Basically, we are looking at fraction ratios here when it comes to drill bit sizes. A
drill bit that is 1/16 is actually one 16th of an inch in diameter. Obviously, that’s a
pretty small drill bit. The biggest standard size for a hand held drill is 3/8, or three
eighths of an inch. Think about that for a moment. How must friction will it take to
wear out a piece of metal that is 1/16th of an inch thick versus a drill bit that is
3/8ths of an inch? How do you combat such a problem?

We here at NutsandBolts.com carry only the sturdiest, most reliable drill bits you
can find. The bits we carry are heat treated to temperatures as high as 2,185°F.
The bits also undergo a nitro carburizing process at 950°F.

Nitro carburization is a fairly modern advance in drill bit technology that allows a
drill bit to maintain its sharpness under extreme heat conditions. Such nitro
carburized, heat treated bits will be able to withstand heat and friction under even
the most extreme conditions. This is even true with a 1/16 size bit. You can pass
these down from generation to generation, they are that sturdy and reliable. We
sell only the best here at NutsandBolts.com.
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