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Carriage Bolts
Carriage bolts, also known as plow bolts, are mostly used in wood. They have a domed top and a square under the head. This square pulls into the wood as the nut is tightened. At, we offer the highest quality carriage bolts as well
as other fasteners. Whether you need metric, standard, or stainless steel, we’ve got the fasteners for you.

Carriage Bolts for You
Carriage bolts are readily available at Our carriage bolts are the highest quality and made to last. We have two decades of experience, which means we know what we’re doing when it comes to quality fasteners. Our large inventory of thousands of products insures that you have everything you need at your fingertips.

Your Job Made Easier will quickly deliver your carriage bolts and other fasteners right to your door. You’ll spend less than ten minutes on our easy-to-maneuver website ordering what you need to keep your business in good shape. Once you’ve ordered, just sit back and relax. We’ll ship your order to you immediately. We fully understand the need for timely re-supply service.

Whether you need carriage bolts for home repair, or if you are a contractor, our experienced staff will see to your every need. We also know how critical the need can be when time is a factor, especially for building contractors. We cater to you.
We have served hundreds of building professionals like you. If you’re looking for carriage bolts, hex bolts, or any other useful fastener or hardware, you’ll find it at
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