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Cable Ties (Zip Ties)
We here at are all about fasteners, and there are no fasteners
more convenient, yet more often overlooked, than cable ties. There are quite a few
types to choose from for various tasks. It's important to analyze these types before
making a choice as to which are best for your particular needs. Let's take a closer
look at the various types of cable ties.

The Cable Ties That Bind
Miniature cable ties are ideal for light bundling applications that won't exceed any
more than 18 pounds of force. Intermediate ties can withstand up to 40 pounds of
bundling force. Heavy duty cable ties can withstand up to 120 pounds, and extra
heavy duty can withstand 175. All of these ties come in a wide variety of colors for
easy identification and organization, and are available in Tefzel Flouropolymer and
Halar for environmentally sensitive conditions.

When cable ties are needed for greater weight in tying applications, we get into much
stronger materials and larger sizes. Extra heavy duty lashing ties and stainless steel
are designed to withstand over 250 pounds of force. Stainless steel ties would be
necessary in harsh weather conditions where rust and corrosion are factors.

Cable ties that have label areas or flags for marking and identifying bundles are also
extremely useful. We have a large inventory of cable ties to choose from here at Browse our inventory and see what we have to offer. We have
fast shipping, offer low minimum bulk orders of only $25 dollars, and the knowledge
and experience of our helpful, friendly staff to answer any questions you may have.
Let be the tie that binds you to the success of your next fastening
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