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Auto Fuses
For the average mechanic, the right auto fuses are critical. Before installing auto fuses, it's important to know the basics of the electronic system found in the typical automobile. Like any electrical system, there are factors to take into account when installing auto fuses. A little information can be invaluable.

Auto Fuses: Car Electronics
The job of an auto fuse is to protect a car's vital wiring. Wiring in a car can be extremely difficult to locate and replace. Car wiring can be pretty deeply entrenched and integrated into a car's electrical systems. When a current large enough to fry a wire or damage a vital component is drawn through some electrical system in a car, the auto fuses will burn out first and prevent that current from doing any major damage.

Most cars have two major fuse panels. One is located in the engine area for any electrical systems found in that part of the car, such as the anti-lock brakes, cooling system, or engine control unit. The other fuse panel is in the dashboard, and houses all the fuses connected to the devices found in the car interior, such as dashboard lights, the turn signal, and the stereo.

When an electrical overload takes place, replacing the fuse is much easier than replacing wiring and entire electrical components. (Even replacing entire electrical components is easier than replacing wiring.) This is why auto fuses are so important.
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