2mm-7mm Metric Screw Thread Pitch Metal Gauge Qty (1)


Metric screw thread pitch metal gauge measures 2mm-7mm. No more mistakes with metric bolt sizes. Save your company money and do it right the first time. A common problem with metric bolts is finding the correct pitch. With U.S. bolts the thread or pitch can usually be identified by sight. With metrics however, finding the pitch is more difficult because of the subtle differences in thread sizes. We think you will love this tool. Find the correct diameter by simply sticking the bolt in the corresponding hole size and then find the correct thread (called pitch in metrics) by actually screwing the bolt into the gauge. The bolt will only screw into the hole with the correct pitch. This metal gauge is a precise instrument, not your average cheap, plastic $5 gauge. Now you know the exact bolt diameter and the exact thread. No more mistakes!!! Tells: Length in Millimeters & Inches. Tap Series. I.S.O. Preference Rating. Size (in millimeters). Pitch (in millimeters). Clearance Drill Size. Tap Drill Size. Basic Diameter (in inches). For ISO Metric Screws From 2mm thru 7mm. Metal. Auveco.

  • Model: 12142

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